Like the rest of my young adult fiction, ‘Firewallers’ is set (at least in part) at a fictional comprehensive called St Thomas’s Community College. Sidenote: You don’t have to tell me this is a little different than my last few posts, think this one, but this blogs about ALL the different things I like! Fifteen […]

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition: Review

I’ve never played Minecraft before. I’ve seen it, on the Internet and when friends have been playing, but I’ve never experienced it myself. So when downloading the Xbox 360 edition of the game, I was going in fairly blind. If you’re a Minecraft player already, you’ll probably find this review infuriating. Progressing through the tutorial, […]

FIFA Street: Review

FIFA games have never been my cup of tea. I realise that that is a poor way to start a review of a game in the series, but it’s the cold, hard truth. This isn’t down to a technical reason, the games tend to run smoothly and the latest editions, most notably FIFA 12, look […]

Call of Duty!!!

Treyarch and Infinity Ward have tussled over the moniker of ‘best CoD developer’ since the former started work on the franchise with Call of Duty 3. Since then, the two have shared responsibility for the continued success of the brand, alternating development duties each year. For the first time though, Treyarch might have displaced Infinity […]

Man of Steel

Whilst I might not be the biggest fan of comic books themselves I have always been a fan of comic book movies, so it was a no brainer that I would definitely go to see Man of Steel as soon as possible… The last time we saw a Superman film was in 2006 with the […]

Fast And Furious 6 – Review

Did anyone ever think that The Fast and the Furious would spawn five sequels and turn into a multi-million pound franchise? No, probably not. Then again, there is an apparent need for mini-skirts, large rims, wild paint jobs and improbable spoilers in the cinema industry, at least among pre-pubescent testosterone junkies. The sort that meet […]