Incorporating An Online Tech Business

At a toasttodragons it is clear that we love technology. Well, first of all we are a website, second of all we love technology more generally, too. I looked up the other day and realized other young entrepeneurs may be having the issue that I have. Which is how to set up a an instant […]

Anticipated Reading

With christmas around the corner, here are some good reads that are old school and cheap to buy ATM. 1.     The Other Way Around by Sashi Kaufman Boy goes to an all-girls school and then hits the road on a cross-country trip? YES. I love this concept. And I am a total sucker […]


Like the rest of my young adult fiction, ‘Firewallers’ is set (at least in part) at a fictional comprehensive called St Thomas’s Community College. Sidenote: You don’t have to tell me this is a little different than my last few posts, think this one, but this blogs about ALL the different things I like! Fifteen […]