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Top 5 Evillest Men and Women in YA Contemporary

Welcome to my guest post today at YA Contemporary! For my post I have chosen a list of the most evil Men and Women in YA contemporary books. This was a tough list to come up with. There are many dark themes that revolve around evil and I am warning you before you continue reading that some of these things could be upsetting or even be a trigger to those who have experienced things in the past. There may also be slight spoilers for some of the books mentioned.

Nevertheless it is very important to write about these dark subjects and evil deeds because as much as we turn a blind eye. These things happen frequently. They are very real. We must never forget that and the horror that some people will have to endure at the hands of these evil people. The sufferers need to know that we are here to talk and showing the evil men and women in YA contemporary fiction may help some teens ask for help.

Without further ado here are my top five evil Men and Women from YA contemporary novels. No video games here…..

1. Roderick Kinsman (Black Heart Blue by Louisa Reid)

Roderick is the first man to come to mind when I think about evil characters. There is just so much evil in his character. In Black Heart Blue, Roderick is the abusive father of Rebecca and Hephzibah. He is also a Vicar, how much evil can such a supposedly saintly person have in them? The answer is a lot. All the girls life, he has abused them, pinched them, slapped them, hit them, he did it all. He knows exactly where to hit them so the bruises will be hidden. He abuses them both physically and verbally. He makes their lives living hell. He is so controlling of them and he hardly lets them go out the house.

If it wasn’t bad enough that he abused them, it went further when he raped Rebecca. That wasn’t all though, she ended up pregnant with his child. He just left her to give birth to the child. Then sent their mother in to retrieve it and dispose of it. There isn’t much else that could be worse than this. Roderick is the evillest character I have ever read about and the reality that someone could be like that is so scary. That’s why he is number one.

2. Aunt Helen (The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky)

From very early on we learn that Charlie was fond of his Aunt Helen. It isn’t until much later that he learns the truth about her. He already knew she had been molested as a child but what he didn’t realise was that she did it to him too. It was something so traumatic he had blocked it out and wouldn’t remember until something triggered it.

Molesting a child is wrong in so many ways. Just thinking about it makes me feel sick. What Helen did to Charlie affected him for the rest of his life. It’s something he will never forget. She was a relative which makes it even worse, he and even the whole family trusted her, and they never realised that she was doing this in their own home. Charlie’s parents often placed the children in her care and each time she would do it. I think Aunt Helen is the evillest woman in YA Contemporary. There is nothing to make what she did right, there will never be a good excuse. It’s frequently happening in the modern world and it is frightening to think about it. The only thing I can add is if this has happened to you or someone you know please report it. It is a horrible thing to do and it needs to be stopped.

3. Hector (Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles) 

Hector is the leader of the blood, a gang in the novel. Hector seemed to be the cause of everyone’s problems but it’s what he did to Alex and his family that puts him on this list. In Perfect Chemistry we find out that at the age of six Alex watched his father be shot in front of him. Throughout the whole book he wants to know who did it and it turns out to be the one he thought he could trust. Alex’s father wanted out of the blood but Hector wouldn’t let that happen. So he killed him, and then threatened Alex’s mother. He told her if Alex didn’t take her husband’s place they would all end up dead.

Hector had power that he could use to his advantage but instead he misused it. He killed a man in cold blood, and then threatened the wife and her young children. And remember Alex the oldest child was only six at the time. This was harsh and cruel and he did it more for the attention than anything else. He couldn’t let people see his weak side so he did the only thing he thought would solve the problem and that was to eliminate Alex’s father. This left a woman a widow and her children fatherless. They were bought up with no father figure and were thrust into the gang before they could even think about saying no. Hector had planned their whole lives for them but he had no right to. He tore their life apart and had no real excuse. It was murder in cold blood, that left poor six year old Alex scarred for life.

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