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4. Maria Detherby (Black Heart Blue by Louisa Reid)

Maria is Rebecca and Hephzibah’s mother. She is married to the evil Roderick who is number one on this list. I was going to put them together but then thought Maria needs a whole section to herself. First of all she was a horrible mother who rejected her children from the day they were born. Even more so Rebecca, who suffers from Treacher Collins syndrome. Maria saw this as the work of the devil and she didn’t believe such a ghastly creature came from her womb. Reading the book, just the simple things she shouts at her daughters makes the reader flinch. She is a cruel woman. Even worse is she too would hit them and later on in the novel came at Rebecca with her claws. There was no motherly connection between her and her daughters at all. Of course this was in some way affected by Roderick but even at the end when she could have saved herself she didn’t. She wouldn’t leave so called saintly Roderick’s side.

The worse thing though was that she knew that Roderick had raped her daughter and she did nothing about it. She didn’t report it or anything, she just let it slide. When Rebecca gave birth to her child, Maria appeared and snatched it away. Rebecca watch horrified as her mother went and buried the child, chucking it into the grave. Removing all evidence as if it had never happened. The hatred this one woman had toward her own children was awful. It’s frightening thinking that a mother could do this to her own children, her own flesh and blood.

5. Peter Van Houten (The Fault in Our Stars by John Green)

In The Fault in Our Stars Hazel has cancer and her all-time favourite thing is a book called An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten. Hazel dreams of meeting Van Houten and really wants to ask him about what happened to the characters after the book ended. With the help of Augustus she tracks him down and she goes to visit. The thing is the visit was arranged by Van Houten’s assistant and he didn’t know anything about it. He greets them coldly and laughs at Hazel for being so pathetic. He tells her she should move on from the book, and that it was all pretend. He kills her dreams right there, he shoots them all down. He is a complete arse to them both. He knows that Hazel has cancer but he doesn’t lighten up. He gets so angry at Hazel for trying to find out what happens next. He throws things at them and at one point seems as if he will hit them. He is insane and they only just get out unharmed.

The thing that makes Van Houten evil to me was how he shot down the dreams of a girl with cancer. He knew she didn’t have long to live and he treat her horribly. The thing is he had his own ties to cancer, not him personally but his family and he knows the effect it can have. That does not stop him, squishing Hazel’s questions then taking the mick out of her for going all that way to find answers that not even he knows or even cares about. I hope someone normal would have treated the encounter completely differently, and told Hazel what she wanted but instead she met a crazy old man, who had lost his sanity. A man who can kill the hopes of a young dying girl deserves to be on this list, so here he is.

There you go. Those are my five evillest men and women in YA contemporary. Each of them is evil in a slightly different way but all of them affect someone tremendously. Once again I want to say if you are affected in some way like in the things mentioned above you need to tell someone and they will help you. You have done nothing wrong so speak up and we will be there to help you recover. That is really important and everyone should know there are people to speak to when you have problems, any kind of problems.

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